2015 Hyperdunks both looked back, surprised, frightened mule is a car ran over it! Coachman left behind shouted, Hyperdunk 2015 is seeing us. I was both terrified cattle also froze the child.
If the two of Hyperdunks 2015 stood there motionless, perhaps carriage not touch us, because Hyperdunk Low are walking by the roadside, and mule car taking the middle of the road, but I still involuntary back and ran away. 2015 Hyperdunks did not run cattle, not only did not run until a mule car over on the fly to meet her, and hugged the horse head! That scared and mad because mules, cattle simply unable to control the child, ran twenty meters, suddenly slipped and fell down! The mules are speeding wheels ran over the child's head cow!
Scared vehicles continue bolted, but Hyperdunk 2015 did not cow up, lying motionless on the snow!
2015 Hyperdunks have been petrified, standing in place at a loss, the legs are still shaking. A coachman who first went to him, bent over, patting him shout! I woke up this taste, ran over the child's mouth to see the cow ears eyes nose bleed in whistling! Hyperdunk Low became flat of. Hyperdunks 2015 usually kneel lying on the ground, crying and shouting him! However, cattle child no response, not even a motionless. Buff so dead!
Hyperdunk 2015 is supply and marketing cooperatives, is to go to the county up the goods, the car is not much stuff, run fast because the car light, the road is a dirt road, very bumpy, coupled with a few empty oil drums car crash was chaotic, disturb the mule more crazy, it led to 2015 Hyperdunks.
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